About us

We run a small, family business. We love sushi and would like to give Inverness an opportunity to eat it – fresh and delicious! Sushi Inverness is the only sushi bar in the Highlands. We try very hard to chose the best products to give you tasty and high quality food. Our sushi- making procedures meet all the high quality hygiene standards.

Sushi is a dish of vinegared rice served with various fillings and toppings, which may include raw fish. Sushi offers health benefits, thanks to its protein, Omega-3 fatty acid content, and vegetables. It is a good alternative for fast food.

Each sushi set contains all the necessary additions: bamboo chopsticks, wasabi, soy sauce and ginger.

From the Mini Set to the Party Set – you’ll surely find what you need! Yummy nigiri, futomaki, uramaki, hosomaki? Try them all by ordering one of our sets.

We have a special catering offer for business meetings, parties and weddings – contact us for more information.